Information on the project

The “Center of communications between civilizations” is supposed to be created on the plot of land of 15 hectares belonging to the Spanish company “CINCO ESTRELLAS PINARES DE SAN ANTON”, situated in one of the most privileged districts of the city of Malaga (the zone of El Palo) at an altitude of150meters above sea level and at a distance of 800 meters from the seashore, a 5minutes’journey from the city center, 15minutes’journey from the international airport and1.5hours’journey from one of the best Alpine skiing resorts of the world: the city of Granada.

Building sites

The “Center of communications between civilizations” is a ground consisting of the following building sites:

1. Business Center “Rose of the Winds”

The key function of the business center is to unify and organize communications of the business community.

The business center infrastructure allows to hold business events, conferences and presentations.

2. Hotel “International”

The main function of the hotel is to provide a comfortable and cozy residence of the guests. Besides, the hotel architectural ensemble comes to broaden all the structure of the “Center of com- munications between civilizations”. The hotel is calculated for 150 rooms.

3. Sporting Complex “Bravo”

The complex is mainly intended to provide facilities for passing an active leisure time, resting and professional trainings. The sporting complex infrastructure includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, a gym and a premise for Russian classical ballet.

4. Treatment and Prevention Clinic “EcoMed”

The main function of the Clinic is to apply diagnostic, prophylactic, sanitizer and rejuvenating medical procedures, as well as sanitizer eco-programs. Additionally, the Clinic will be equipped with a special complex for applying SPA procedures, to be supplied from mineral sources. The Clinic is calculated for 110 beds.

5. Aqua-park “Water Field”

The key function of the aqua-park is to organize an entertaining and active leisure using different aqua-technologies and attractions for children and adults.

6. Thematic demonstrations park “Water, base of life”

Interactive demonstrations, various installations and excursion programs in the park will allow the visitors to get to know the possibilities of water, including desalinization and electricity generation, as well as the dangers related with it. There is planned in the park the “Water Museum”, dedicated to water in all of its manifestations, as well as in its universal significance.

7. Trade Complex “BioProm”

The main function of the trade complex is to promote different products fabricated under the most high quality standards and with observation of the ecological and biological norms of production.

8. Virtual Business University “Spring”

The basic function of the University is to implement educational business programs with the help of updated educational virtual interactive technologies.

9. Planetarium “Sputnik”

The basic function of the planetarium is to popularize natural sciences knowledge. In the planetarium, researchers as well as visitors can carry out observations of the stars. Additionally, using updated technologies broadcasting of observations of the sidereal sky in the Internet will be organized. There also is in the planetarium a 4D cinema, in which educational films on sidereal sky and outer space are demonstrated.

10. Orthodox Temple

The cultural and religious place of worship is the soul of the ”Center of communications between civilizations”.

11. Water Museum

The Museum is meant to show water in all its manifestations and applications for humans, for science, for technologies, for life, for the planet.

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