The ¨Center of communications between civilizations¨ is a generator and facilitator of services of fitness, tourism, excursion and education.

All building sites of the Center are constructed with usage of updated power saving and building technologies, ensuring environmental safety and reliability of the edifications.

The project envisages construction of an integrated block of local sources of engineering support, a tunnel installation of engineering networks and transport corridors.

The arquitecture of the sites and edifications incorporates modern arquitectural tendencies and forms of West and East.

The arquitectural and planning solution of development of the Center has been elaborated taking into account the relief of the terrain, as well as nature protection, power supply and social-economic factors.

Nature and landscape

The San Anton mountain is one of the highest in the surroundings of the city of Malaga and all the sites edificated on it can be well seen from abord the ships entering the harbor, and from the mountain itself a breath-taking view opens at the city and the bay with vessels entering it and standing on the raid.

The rolling terrain refers to the category of alpine-climatic resort, the weather conditions facilitate a round year usage of the complex for rest, treatment and practice of sports, as well as for holding social-cultural activities.

Average annual temperature: + 18,4ºC.

Temperature in January: + 12º-14ºС; in July: + 32ºС.

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