Key economic indicators

The supposed costs of implementation of the first phase of designing and construction of the “Center of communications between civilizations” are divided into III Phases.

Phase I will last 3 (Three) months.

Phases II and III will last from 6 (Six) to 8 (Eight) months.

The preliminary permission for building can be got 1 (One) year after the beginning of the designing works.

The term of construction will make about 2 (Two) years.

The date of opening in 3.5 (Three years and a half) is realistic.

The project will start with signing of preliminary contract and with covering of costs.

The contract is to be concluded between the partner and the land owner.

List of budget articles necessary for implementing the III Phases and constructing the “Center of communications between civilizations”:


143 rooms, restaurant, tea-room, conference-hall, reception, two swimming pools, gardens zone with cascades and planted trees passages.

Material execution budget: 4 719 400 €

Sporting complex

Sporting installation building, tennis courts, conference-hall, gym, cafeteria, restaurant, auxiliary edifications buildings.

MEB: 3 414 300 €

Treatment-prevention clinic

Water procedures clinic, 100 beds, SPA, semi-Olympic swimming pool.

MEB: 4 265 550 €


Aqua-park, basic zone, swimming pool and paddle zones.

MEB: 2 000 000 €

Auxiliary aqua-edifications

Auxiliary edifications buildings, restaurant, cafeteria, dressing rooms.

MEB: 531 260 €

Business University

University building, 11 duplex rooms.

MEB: 1 633 540 €

Orthodox Temple

Church and its equipment.

MEB: 1 162 800 €

Park and garden

Forest plantations of the Mediterranean park and gardening.

MEB: 1 500 000 €


Urbanization (access ways, small streets paths).

MEB: 800 000 €

Total MEB

20 026 850 €

Other costs

Technical emoluments of all projects: 1 001 342,50 €

Tax and licenses costs (City Hall of Malaga): 1 201 611 €

Land plot cost: 5 070 448,50 €

Total costs

7 273 402 €

Total costs of creation of the “Center of communications between civilizations”

27 300 252 €

VAT (21%)

5 733 052,92 €

Total with VAT

33 033 304,92 €

The Company-developer «CINCO ESTRELLAS PINARES DE SAN ANTON» (architect Mr. Javier Candela, lawyer Mr. Fernando Taboada) must start and coordinate all actions and provide consultations to private persons and firms considering suggestions of the project’s authors.

State of the project

Currently the concept of the project «Center for communications between civilizations» are interested in the following partners:

Group of Companies

The project of construction of above sites has obtained benediction on the part of the Saint Patriarch Alexi, the today’s Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill and Archbishop Mark.

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