Project conception

The conception of the project of creation of the “Center of communications between civilizations” implies forming a modern communications space intended to unite the cultural heritage of civilizations and to facilitate development of dialogue between cultures and peoples, synthesizing the spiritual, cultural and social heritage, predetermining the future of our civilization.

The conception of the Center reflects a number of global goals which implementation will allow to ensure a qualitatively new level of development of cultural communications and the dialogue of civilizations.

Global goals of the project

  • Creation of new efficient education, learning and excursion programs, allowing to preserve and to develop cultural heritage and traditions.
  • Formulation of environmental principles and trends.
  • Mobilization of the scientific potential and the political experience for ensuring a steady development.
  • Formation of an integrated system of intercultural understanding, tolerance and social dialogue of different ethnic cultures.
  • Promotion of the cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and peaceful coexistence culture.
  • Structuration of integrated cognition communities, using updated information and communication channels.
  • Improvement of communications between civilizations.
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